It’s that time of year again! Spring is finally here. This time of year always brings a sense of relief that the cold months of winter are behind us. The beginning of life and growth are everywhere we look in nature…flowers, trees, grass. All you have to do is walk outside, and you can be reminded of the beauty of what a new season can bring.

Just as this time of year signifies growth around us, it can also signify a need for growth in our own hearts and lives. Spring is the perfect time to evaluate the areas in our life that maybe have become cold or stagnant over the previous months. Just like the winter season can bring cold and bitter days, sometimes life can do the same.  We all have areas in our hearts where growth is needed.  The beginning of the spring season can be a great time to search out what those areas are and begin the process of making change.

Are you are a parent who has gotten increasingly frustrated with a situation with a child over the last few months. Is your marriage in need of growth and restoration? Has stress and anxiety from the previous year gripped your life, and made you unable to recognize yourself some days? Whatever you are facing within this moment, you can have hope that the Lord blesses us with new seasons on this earth as well as in our personal lives. Take the opportunity today in this spring season to notice the growth around you, and the growth that is needed within you.