-The following is an except from Bob Goff’s devotional book, “Live in Grace, Walk in Love”.

“I’ve never met a new parent who isn’t positive their baby is the cutest on the planet earth. Even the so-so ones in their minds could rival George Clooney. The thing is this: parents give their baby the benefit of the doubt. Even the things that drive everyone else nuts they find worthy of celebrating. Parents see an emerging personality when the rest of us hear a scream. They see affection when the rest of us see a toothless child gnawing on a table leg. Every giggle, every curve of the mouth, every grip of the finger. We see squirming behaviors, they see Einstein in a diaper. Parents know something about their babies that some of us forget about ourselves. Parents are certain that their kid is a miracle.

We come across people at all different stages of life, and sometimes we decide that someone is ordinary based on what we observe. All that happened is this: we’ve missed their quiet moments of courage, their tender moments of inexplicable compassion, their sleepless nights filled with despair. We’ve caught them in chapter seven of a book with twenty-two chapters, and we evaluate the whole book without knowing how it began and where it will end.”

Today when you come in contact with those around you, don’t forget that we are all walking miracles. God has created each of us unique, special, and worthy to be loved and noticed. If you have someone in your life that is in a season that is making them feel less than what they were created to be, remind them that they may just be in a middle chapter of a greater story!